EJ15 Battery Powered Ride-on Lift

EJ15 Up-Down
The EJ15’s compact size and a ride-on capability provide a great solution for applications where small, heavy items need to be transported quickly or through tight areas. The EJ15 was designed to improve uptime, productivity, and safety when handling heavy non-palletized loads throughout the day.
  • Compact, lightweight, safe, and easy to operate for precise maneuverability in tight spaces, warehouse, and machine shop floors.
  • Tested and approved for continuous use in freezers for up to 6 hours at a time at -20 degrees Celsius.
  • Ideal for lifting and transporting heavy or awkward loads that put stress on workers backs and arms, but are not large enough to necessitate pallet use. Ergonomic design to prevent back injuries and create a safer work environment.
  • Non-marking tires and quiet, emission free equipment to work in clean indoor environments and keep them clean.
  • EJ15 OperationNo maintenance battery and virtually maintenance-free machine.
  • The Canycom EJ series excellent automatic braking system:
    • Slows the EJ15 when turning corners at high speed.
    • Stops the machine immediately when the accelerator lever is released.
    • Breaks automatically when at rest, for worry free operation on sloping surfaces.
  • A hydraulic scissor lift reaches up to 37″-perfect for workbench or truck bed height. Forward, reverse, and lift commands are operated with simple controls, with two speeds and a pressure sensitive accelerator for smooth maneuvering and operating efficiency. The EJ15 will run up to 10 miles at full charge.
Payload (lbs.) 330
Length x Width x Height (in.) 58 x 30x 51
Lift Height (in.) 37
Speed (mph) 0-5
Weight (lbs.) 287
Minimum Turning Radius (in.) 47.2

Application Possibilities:

Indoor and outdoor material handling of non-palletized loads up to 330 pounds in parts factories and machine shops, cold storage, wholesaler warehouses and nurseries, home centers, retail stores, delivery services, moving services, rentals, alcohol wholesalers, and wineries.

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