It has come to our attention that used CANYCOM carriers and ride-on brush cutters, among other CANYCOM products, which were originally sold in Japan, are being imported into the United States. These "Gray Market" units are not designed for sale in the United States. They were designed and manufactured for the Japanese market and are being imported into the United States by individuals or entities that are wholly independent of CANYCOM and that do not have CANYCOM's authorization or endorsement of any kind. "Gray Market" units are different in several important respects from the carriers that CANYCOM make for the United States market and which CANYCOM USA, INC. sells in the United States. "Gray Market" units are not ordinarily equipped with important safety equipment such as ROPS (roll-over protective structures), seatbelts, PTO (power takeoff) shields, safety decals, or operator's manuals. Neither CANYCOM USA, INC. nor its parent company, CHIKUSUI CANYCOM, INC., of Fukuoka, Japan, provides parts, service or any warranty support whatsoever for CANYCOM "Gray Market" units in the United States. Neither CHIKUSUI CANYCOM, INC., CANYCOM USA, INC., their affiliated companies or authorized dealers take any responsibility whatsoever, and will not be held liable under any circumstances, for the design, manufacture, sale, import or servicing of any "Gray Market" units, or their parts, including, but not limited to, the units listed below. CANYCOM USA, INC. reserves the right not to service any CANYCOM product it considers to be a "Gray Market" unit.
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For parties outside the United States, please contact CHIKUSUI CANYCOM, INC. at
90-1 Fukumasu Yoshii
Ukiha-shi Fukuoka 839-1321 Japan.
Phone: (81)-943-75-2195

CANYCOM Rubber Track Carrier Models Designed and Manufactured for the Japanese Market Only
Ride-on Brush Cutters
CM1304, CM1305, CM1502, CM1602, CM1603, CM1801, CM2101, CM2102, CM2103, CM2104, CM220, CM221, CM210, CM181, CM211

Bush Cutter series
CG430, CG63, CG64

Utility Vehicles
GX 13-15, GX101, ELL501, ELL801, J60, J65, J80, J100, J102, J103, J104, J111, J150/J151, J111S, J150S, J151S, ELS805

Mini Rubber Tracked Carriers
BFP305, BFP307, BFP400, BFP401, BFP402, BFP407, BFP408, BFP410, BFC501,612, BFC510, BFC613, BFC601, BFC615, BC615LD, BC40, BC61, BP62

Wheel Carriers
GH210/GH211, GH220/GA110, GH221/GA111, GH222, ES633, ES633D, ES643, ES643D, ES741, ES742, ELS680, ELS680D, ELS670, ELS670D, ES60, ES60D, ES80, ES80D

Log Carriers
BFY702, BFY706, BFY902, BFY906, BFY903/8, BFY905, BFY910, BFY913, BFY914, BFY1001, BY1201, BY1202, BY1802, BY1803, BY3301, BY460, GC750, BFY710

Construction Use Carriers
SE2301, BFG1003, GC640, SG603, BFG1005, BFG1303, BFG1501, S5, S8A, S10, S10A, S12(Domestic Model), S20, S25, S25A(Domestic Model), S75, S100(Domestic Model), BFK703, BFK709, BFK803, BFK800, BFK809, BFK808, GC505/506, BFE802 Ausa, BFE806, BFE1004, BE812D, BE812D, BE812

CV40, CV42, CV60, BFS901Q, BFS807, ELK403, ELP610

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